Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Ok, this isn't a flower, but I thought it was sooo cool. That's a dried-up half of an onion that was out in the compost bin!


Anonymous said...

Georgia O'Keefe, reborn.

Makes me want to put these math tests aside and grab my watercolors. Well, OK, it doesn't take much to make me want to stop doing the math tests, but those pics are very inspiring.

Anonymous said...


Ok, those are fantastic pics! (is the tulip towards the end from the show?). Very cool, indeed. Ah, to have your talent!


Katherine Plumer said...

Yeah, the one with the sorta spiky/ruffled edge is one of the ones (many!) that I won at the show. Mom always likes it when I bring home flowers! :-) My favorite is the last tulip pic (and the onion!)