Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Busy and Boring

Nope, I have not dropped off the face of the earth, just been extremely busy and generally not up to anything exciting. If I could show you the art I'm working on then that would be exciting, but alas I cannot.

I had a good weekend. I spent most of Saturday drawing Golden Penciled Hamburgs (finished them yesterday morning), and then took advantage of the sunny weather to work with Shylah a bit. The lesson did get cut short when I discovered that the clips on my long-reins (two cotton lunge lines) don't fit through the rings on the surcingle. Dang it! So I will get some smaller clips at the feed store, cut off the ends of the ropes, and just re-splice them. Easy as pie... just need to get it done!

On Sunday, JC and BM came over and we went to look at a horse that JC used to own, since she's going to be getting one of his foals. He is just a gorgeous horse! I took a bunch of pics and then was goofing around with this one in Photoshop and I think it turned out pretty cool. This is "Dito" the Andalusian stallion:

After that, we went to see "Eight Below," that sled dog movie, and I thought it was excellent. Bring kleenex! And then we went to Logan's Roadhouse for dinner. I love those rolls! Throwing peanut shells on the floor still seems like a very foreign concept to me though, I think I was too well trained!

I have a ton of housework to do this week, and cleaning ranks right up there with root canals. I am planning to set the first batch of eggs (put them in the incubator) on Sunday so I need to get that room cleaned out, plus we are having company over so...ugh, lots to do!

But I will leave you with some entertainment, I was having fun taking videos with my camera (it doesn't do great videos but they are cute anyway.) I won't post them all here right now. If you aren't on a high speed connection you might have trouble with these.

Have you ever played with cats and laser pointers? Homer gets pretty revved up!

He's more worn out in this one but I thought it was cute.

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