Tuesday, February 28, 2006

this and that

There really isn't anything exciting going on, but I feel guilty if I don't write stuff on a somewhat regular basis. We had a bunch of wind and rain again and everything's a mess. I am kicking myself for not cleaning chicken coops last week, because now I have to run around in the mud to get it done. This will be the latest I've started setting eggs for several years. Oh well, it's not like I ever have much to show in the fall anyway!

I really want to get back into doing a lot of work with the horses. They've pretty much had the winter off (me too!) but I'm getting excited about the prospect or riding Shylah. Getting nervous too... I think she'll be fine. The question is, will I be fine?!

Oh and I have a clothing rant today too. I bought a skirt on ebay, a costume sort of thing... (long story), and it claimed to be a one-size-fits-all and listed measurements that would definitely include me. Well, ha ha, not even close! More like one-size-fits-anorexic. Unstretched, in its natural comfortable state, it has a 22 inch waistband. Fully stretched, to the point where it would make you horribly uncomfortable, not to mention look really dorky, it has a 32 inch waistband. Good golly no, that ain't gonna work! I really should have known better than to believe that anyway...

And such is life.

I need to talk more about art, don't I? I don't know what to say!


Anonymous said...

Well, luckily your mom could wear it. JJ

Anonymous said...

(BTW....Who's "JJ" ?!)

Don't worry...I have run into the same thing with some of my clothing purchases on eBay. We will find some good stuff sooner than later, and maybe we could plan to go to one of those shows I told you about.