Tuesday, March 14, 2006

old photos

These are two of my favorite old photos of Fuzzby, back in the way olden days before she got cranky (well, she was always a little cranky...). These are both from the winter of 1988, so she was just under a year old, and I was...younger than I am now. :-)

On my bed:

I still remember this day, I was home from school with the flu. Poor me! She used to sit like that in the chair with me fairly often:

It seems strange that she's not here anymore, there were so many of her little habits that just became an expected part of life, and now it seems like there are gaps where Fuzzby should be, if that makes any sense. Yes, I miss the old snot head...

We had a tornado warning today. I don't remember there being a tornado warning specifically for this area before, so that was a bit scary. Nothing happened, the storm went north of here and we just got a little rain.

I sewed myself something today, and did a pretty decent job at it, I was pleased. It was a pretty simple thing but it took me many hours though, oh well. I hadn't realized fabric was so expensive! You'd think you save a pile of money by making stuff yourself but I'm not totally convinced... I missed American Idol tonight so I won't get to rant about it tomorrow since I did not vote.

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