Sunday, March 26, 2006

busy busy weekend!

Weekend, what weekend? I'm not sure I noticed one! The front room is really really clean right now. About three or four times a year I manage to get it clean like this, but the rest of the time it's somewhat disorganized (yeah, hard to Really? Sarcasm alert!) We had company last week, and then hosted a poultry show planning meeting today, which takes a lot of prep work to get the place ready for 20something people...

Yesterday late afternoon A.R. arrived from the way northern parts of CA to pick up her birds that I'd had since the Fresno show last month. We stayed up late being chicken art snobs and giggling over other people's depictions of chickens. Naughtiness, I know... And we frosted 48 chocolate cupcakes, using the "Fudge Flop Frosting" leftover from the Christmas incident (go to the December archives and read Adventures in the Kitchen...I think that's what it's called). Best dang frosting in the universe. We had to test a few cupcakes, ya know, gotta make sure they're okay...

I got up at 7:30 this morning (gack, yes, on a Sunday!) to finish getting things ready. I baked 103 apricot pastry cookies (something of a tradition now for meetings, as they are best eaten fresh and don't store well), and more than 80 were consumed during the meeting. Wow! It occurred to me later I should have taken a picture, they were very pretty all arranged on the plate!

The last of the poultry people left around 4, and I've been exhausted and useless ever since then.

Sleepy time!

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Dan said...

Yummmm cookies! I could sure go for them right now! I missed out on the chicken snob slumber party :-( maybe next time :-)