Thursday, March 09, 2006

a few things

1) I am not completely in agreement with America when it comes to tonight's results on American Idol. I partly agree, but as for the other part, come on America, get it right! Geez.

2) I "Lysoled" my car. Holy moley, I think I overdid it. It just didn't have that new car smell anymore. Okay, it hasn't had the new car smell any time in the last ten years, but maybe I've just been hauling too many chickens around, or maybe I need to not drive around in muddy boots, but it just wasn't smelling too fresh. Criminy, it's so spring-fresh now I keep expecting bluebirds to land on the steering wheel and sing to me, like a fairy princess... Might have to crack the windows open so the birds don't gag tomorrow!

3) Cross your fingers for me this weekend! ;-)

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