Friday, March 31, 2006

Interesting Things Part 2 (not so interesting)

Well, another rainy day, 0.71 inch. It gets depressing! The pastures look like lakes, the horses are soon going to have to swim up to the barn for food (slight exaggeration there, don't anybody start thinking I really make them swim...) I spent most of the day working on the T-word again, that yucky thing that starts with a T and ends with an S and has an AXE in the middle. I crunched numbers til my head hurt and then I needed a break. It was too wet to work the horses or do anything outside so I baked cookies... Peanut butter with mini M&M's and mini chocolate chips. Yum!

So I poked around the stats for the domain and the keyword selection was actually pretty dull this time. A couple entries for chicken butt and horse butt.. There was one that really surprised me, but in the interest of keeping this blog at least mildly family friendly I CANNOT write it. Let's just say when someone pulled up a page of ROOSTERS that's probably not what they had in mind... Sorry, really can't say more than that! :-0

Maybe next month will be more entertaining.


Anonymous said...

Hi. i was looking online for how long it takes a black rosecomb batam to lay an egg.Do you have any and do you know how long it takes them to lay?

Katherine Plumer said...

Yes, I have them. Not sure what you are asking. Pullets may start laying around 6 months old. An egg is formed in no less than 24 hours, but don't expect a Rosecomb to lay an egg more than a couple times a week.