Thursday, March 30, 2006

Some interesting things.

Well, I am fascinated that at the moment the blog is the most popular page on my website. Huh! I wonder if it's mostly people I know or people I don't know. Hello readers!

Serisously, this is some nifty stuff. I have access to all sorts of stats regarding traffic to my domain, like how many people, what countries they are from, what pages send traffic here, and my absolute favorite thing to read is what keywords people type into search engines that lead them to my domain. For one thing it's good info for me to have, like knowing that my top referral words are currently "horse drawings." And on the rosecomb domain, way over 50% of my traffic is people looking for chicken coops. But one of the more amusing features is that there are some pretty funny phrases and words that lead people to this site. Sometimes I know where I have that combination of words, and other times I think "HUH??" Some examples: (these are real things typed into search engines that brought people to my art site or blog, in the month of March... maybe I'll do this once a month...).

chicken lady (people search for "chicken lady"?)
chicken lady quarter clip (huh?)
dom females (when I write that I mean DOMINIQUE, a breed of chicken, but being of kinky mind I have to wonder if it may have a double meaning...)
chicken lady sound (?)
le plumer angle (err...)
katherine plumer blog (Wow someone actually searched for my blog!!!)
lady cleaning in snow pic (huh?)
crazy chicken lady (I am not! Am I??) ;-)
wild plumer (dang, the secret's out!) >;-)
freeway calls sop (I have no idea what that means. When I say SOP, it means Standard of Perfection. Apparently in the world of romance novels it means Scenes of Passion, so I tend to giggle now when I write it... I'm talking chickens, not passion!)
foot fetish monterey (ahh hahahaHAHAHA!!!!)
what can you do if you are deliriously tired (take a nap, goober!)
from under the bed (hmm, I am picturing dust bunnies and fuzzy slippers)

And for the absolute most entertaining words thus far in the month of March:

bubble butt bonanza (OMG I about fell off the chair, I have NO idea how that would lead to my website!! Wouldn't that be a great blog title though?)


Anonymous said...

Ok, I had to contain myself while I was here, sitting at my desk at work :-)
Yes, the secret must be out, "wild plumer". hehehe!
The one that gets me is the "foot fetish monterey" ?!?!
Anyhow, thanks for the laugh this morning! It was a good one :-)
-- CS

Katherine Plumer said...

Tee hee! I'll have to post some of the keywords from the rosecomb domain, I get some real doozies on that one. ;-) Oh, the foot fetish thing, I mentioned that when I talked about buying chicken socks in Monterey! Hey, I never posted pics of those! I should do that some time. Maybe tonight I'll put up keywords from the other domain. I do like to keep my readers entertained! :-)

Anonymous said...

oh my god, hahahahaha, i wish i could find stats like that for my page....that's hillllllarious. lady cleaning in snow pic????? chicken lady quarter clip? hahahahaha...

Anonymous said...

Oh, the SOCKS! I have to see those...I remember you talking about them now (FYI, I liked the ones you had on at practice! Were those the same ones?). I like the search title that Allison brought up ...did you ever post any pics of you "cleaning in the snow" ?!
-- CS

Katherine Plumer said...

YES! Those were indeed the socks, one pair of them anyway (I had them on at the meeting too!). Okay, I'll take pics... No, I've never posted any "lady cleaning in snow" pics. I'm not even quite sure what that means. I have been in snow one time in the last 15 or so years, and I certainly wasn't cleaning, I was just trying not to slip on the ice and fall on my butt!

Weird! And now that I've said all these weird phrases again, if anyone googles them again they are even more likely to come up!