Saturday, April 01, 2006

April Fool? Not really but it scared me!

Well I got quite a scare today. I had to pick up my artwork from a pizza shop in town where it had been hanging for the last two months. So this morning while eating breakfast I was trying to remember which art pieces I had showing there (yeah, how pathetic is that!). I could only think of three, though I had this nagging notion that I'd submitted four. But for the life of me, I could only come up with three. So I got to the restaurant, and there were three of my images on the wall--the three I'd been thinking of. Dang, but didn't I take four? I really couldn't remember. I didn't want to say anything at the time, because I knew if I said "oh my gosh I'm missing one!" it would end up being something stupid like I'd never hung it up in the first place, and considering I couldn't even figure out what one I was potentially missing, I just left it at that and decided I'd never hung four at all. So I got home and just kept thinking there should have been one more. I looked at the photos I'd taken when I hung the show, and sure enough there was a fourth!!! I was missing "Cockadoodledooooo!!!" an original lithograph. Crap!!! Why didn't I say something while I was there?!

So I called the art curator and told her I was missing a piece. I was pretty upset by this point, I was so mad that someone would steal my art, and I was thinking of all the money I'd lost on it, and how I didn't want to show my art at local places anymore, etc. I called the owner, told him who I was and explained the problem.. told him I didn't say anything when I was in there because I wasn't sure, I needed to check to see that I really had brought four, etc, I didn't hold them responsible, there was nothing they could do, I just wanted him to know, blah blah. And then he said "I think we moved that one, hang on, I'll go check."

So yeah, it was there all along, on a different wall where I hadn't looked and wouldn't have thought to look, or I may have even looked right at it but it just didn't click (because I wouldn't have expected it in that location, and it wasn't a piece I remembered bringing anyway!).

I felt like SUCH an idiot. But I am soooo glad it wasn't stolen, and if I ever have that nagging feeling again I will speak up! If I had, he surely would have said "oh, yeah we moved that one, it's over there!"

Sheesh. It's kind of been like that all day today. One of those days.

On the bright side it didn't rain much. Actually I'm not sure it rained at all here, but I went through some while driving into town. I gave Shylah a pretty good workout today. She was really quite full of it today and somewhat bratty, but after running her in circles for a while I put the long reins on and did the first lesson in reining (just using the halter at this point, I have this notion that if I can get her trained first in a halter she will be pretty sensitive in a bridle). She caught on quickly, she responds to pressure very nicely. Going in a straight line will take some work, but it didn't take long to get her walking in circles and turning when I asked her to. It will take time though. She needs to have a very solid foundation before I put my butt in the saddle! :-)

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