Friday, April 01, 2011

April! Ack!

I kept trying to come up with a good April Fools Day thing to post on Facebook all day today. I was going to tell everyone I ran off and got married or something, but I figure I'd either give a few people a heart attack or nobody would believe that for half a second anyway. ;-)

Hoo wee, where does the time go? April? Crap! I need to do my taxes! So much for getting them done before April this year. Sigh. Let's see, what's going on:

Chickens: Batch 1 produced 4 chicks, all from the Blue breeding pen. There are 2 Blues, 1 Splash, and 1 Brassy Back, which I'm not sure I can explain but I'll try to if it happens again. Batch 2 is hatching right now. In candling the most recently set batch of eggs (batch 4), fertility is excellent in 3 pens and horrible in 2. Perhaps this sunny weather will help.

Weather: Oh my. Last week it was like January, cold and rainy and trees falling down. It's suddenly summer. Mid 80s, shorts, flip flops, sleeping with the windows open... It's a tad overkill for early April, I'd like some spring before we get into that! Give me mid 80s in July and I'll be thrilled.

Olin: still having allergy issues, still chewing hair. He's off prednisone, and has been on a low dose of benadryl for the last few days. I think I'll need to increase that. I've seen him chewing the bottoms of his feet more lately. Wondering again if it's an allergy to something he's touching or breathing... Poor punkin.

Scrimshaw: after much discussion and deliberation, the images for the dragon knife have both been approved. Color versus b/w was thoroughly discussed, and in the end the decision has been left in my hands. That's a tough call, but I know what to do. What will I do? Guess you'll have to watch and see. :-)

Other things: I'm working many many hours on a "labor of love" project. It started as a small fix, and blossomed into a full blown artsy fartsy thing, because goodness knows I can't go halfway on something if the potential exists to make it awesome. I'll post this on April 16th or shortly thereafer. ;-)

Other other things: uh, random photos?

Blackberry pie tonight! Yum!

Macro photos of soap bubbles, that may have been the most fun I ever had washing dishes...


Granny Annie said...

I did fairly well with my April Fools Day post. I even did well getting people with some tall tales. I love April 1st.

Mailed our signed tax forms back to CPA for electronic filing yesterday. WhooHoo!

This will be the second year that we have not had time for chicks and I truly envy your new crop.

Poor Olin. Hope you see some great improvement soon.

How do you have time for your scrimshaw work and pie baking?

Anonymous said...

Poor Olin! I kind of like the meadow lawn too, but wouldn't the chickens like baled lawn as well?