Friday, April 15, 2011

catching up (lots of pics!)

Time marches on, punctuated the weekly hatching of more adorable cute fuzzy chicks! Every Friday I move eggs from the incubator to the hatcher. Every Sunday I clean brooders, and move chicks, and take the new hatchlings out of the hatcher.

Ah, sometimes I think I just need to not blog for a while. Hello, world. I think I'm back.

The bison scrimshaw pendant is done. I have not photographed it yet, I will do that this weekend. Back to the dragon knives now!

Three batches of chicks have hatched now, and the fourth is currently working on hatching. I have Blues coming out my ears (questionable as to if they will be good, of course, they have Brassy Back in the lineage and are throwing some funny things). I desperately need to hatch more BBReds, but at least things are finally improving with fertility. I guess the sun just had to come out!

Olin's allergy situation seems to be improving. He is on twice-daily benadryl. Not a lot of fun for me or him, but I'll do what it takes. I guess I'll know for sure it's working when his fur grows back...

The big secret project has been done for several days, I will unveil it tomorrow! So excited!

Random pics:

A lizard I rescued from Olin. I really wish he wouldn't catch these things. It was quite healthy, he didn't damage it.

A pheasant in the yard today, I think this pair may have a nest in the corner of the pasture. This pic was taken through a window.

It's turkey time! Lots of gobbling lately, the wild turkeys are all over the place. They are out in the pastures pretty much all the time lately, and a flock walks through the driveway and yard pretty regularly. I don't know anything about flock dynamics, but was surprised to see two old toms, four young toms, and three hens. I keep seeing lots of toms together, doing lots of displaying, and yet I don't see any fighting. Huh.

Cake I made last weekend:


Granny Annie said...

Oh such beautiful babies!

All work and no CAKE make Kathrine a dull girl...right?

Unknown said...

As always, love the bird pics.

What variety is that yellowish chick in the front in the second chick pic?

Wish I could eat some of that homemade cake! And I had those exact same dishes in college.

Katherine Plumer said...

Sarah, that remains to be seen... It might be a Blue Brassy Splash, that's my guess so far! I wasn't sure that the blues would still be carrying brassy genes. Evidently they are! I really have no idea how brassy genes work...

Unknown said...

Cool, surprises are always fun. :) I don't know anything about brassy genes either. The chick reminds me of how my Mille Fleur Dutch hatched out.