Saturday, March 26, 2011

storm damage

OMG, this rain! This feels like January!

Every year, it's hard to imagine that any more trees could fall down. But they do!

This one has been trying hard to die for a few months, and was staked and tied from two sides but the wind was too much and the ground is too soft. So it's officially dead now, it won't be standing back up. Sad, my mom really loves these trees and keeps trying to grow one there. I think this is the third one that has died. Time to stop planting them there, methinks....

And then there's this one, which thank goodness didn't squish anything like the white fence, or the chain link fence, or the propane tank (which you can't see in this pic but it's about 2 feet from the short chain link fence right across from the top of the tree)...

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Anonymous said...

Here in Roswell we haven't had 2 inches of rain total in 2 years! I do not know why nature is so "feast or famine"