Saturday, April 23, 2011


Short notice, and it's too late to list this on ebay.

EGGS FOR SALE: I have 8 (plus whatever they lay today) eggs from the Brassy Back & Blue Brassy Back Rosecomb pen for sale. Ready to ship on Monday. They have been 100% fertile for the past 4 weeks and are hatching like mad. $36 including shipping, PayPal ONLY (no e-check), needed by TONIGHT if you want them!

First one who wants them gets them! Shipping in US only. Contact me!!!!!!!!!!!! Pre-arranged buyer's check did not arrive in time!

[EDIT] Too late, they're in the incubator now. However, I can ship Brassies/Blue Brassies (eggs!) every Monday between now and whenever they stop laying, so if you want them, let me know. Gonna start listing on ebay next week.

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