Monday, April 04, 2011

April 4 works in progress

I'm working on my taxes. Blarg. Hate those.

I have at least 5 more coats of varnish to put on the big secret project, plus the finishing touches, but oh my it is soooooo cute. I can't wait to show you! :-)

I've been working on the dragon knife but there really isn't much to see because nothing is inked, so you either have to see it through the scope or from the side with the light on it like this:

I also just started work on a bison pendant today, and I'm considering that a "rush" job so it'll take priority over the dragon knife. I don't want to get into detail but I had expected to have this done a couple of weeks ago. Murphy's Law intervened, not my fault at all. But it's all okay now and I want my client to have it in hand as soon as possible.

And that is the excitement that is my life on a Monday night. If I say I have to go to the feed store and pick up chicks tomorrow you know that means I'm going to buy baby chickens to replace the layer flock, right? Maybe I'll pick up some guys there too.

Probably not. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I love the way you photographed the dragon scrimshaw. So here is my question. Why is the dragon part so shiney and the background matte looking? Does the ivory get shinier as you poke holes in it?

Katherine Plumer said...

Nope, other way around.

Jan Blawat said...

I keep telling you, just take some Anconas. If you really need brown egg shells, dip the eggs in tea or coffee, you throw the shells away anyway. They won't eat their own eggs, they're tough as nails, and they lay huge eggs for many years.

Katherine Plumer said...

You know how Mom is, absolutely will not consider birds that lay white eggs! I'm going to build more panels and expand the run on the egg chicken house. Maybe if they had more room they could find better ways to entertain themselves. Of course, as soon as the new chicks start laying the old ones are outta here!