Wednesday, April 20, 2011

if it ain't one thing it's another


So this pendant I just finished, which I haven't shown you yet... it's been Murphy's Law and every delay under the sun with this thing... It turned out fine, it's gorgeous, but I swear... yeesh. So it's done, and I was ready to input the client's credit card info for the final payment, and he's been so patient waiting forever for this thing, and I plug in the terminal, and...

There's an error message flashing on the terminal screen. Oh no! I called tech support, and they said it's a hardware failure, but "because it's still under warranty it'll ONLY be $150 to replace it." Only $150. Well super. That's just great. Really great. Are you picking up on the sarcasm here? *sigh* I need a new one, so what choice do I have. *sigh*

Thank you universe for crapping all over that today.

Oh yeah, and of course I had to tell the client that guess what, there's YET ANOTHER DELAY and now I won't be able to ship it out til next week.


I think I need to go kick something.


Bob Easton said...

Or use PAYPAL? It accepts credit cards.

Been a tech geek for more years than you've existed, but still don't enjoy episodes like the one you describe.

Sunny and warm tomorrow. :)

Katherine Plumer said...

I do use PayPal. But when a customer wants to pay with a credit card over the phone, or I want to accept credit cards at shows (where electrical and internet hookup is not available), gotta have a terminal.

Anonymous said...

Are you an apple computer type? Have you looked into the item that will turn your apple product into a credit card terminal? Seems like a pretty niffy thing.

Katherine Plumer said...

I hadn't heard of that, but just looked it up. I don't have any of the products that could use that little gizmo. So, be it an ipad or a new terminal, I'd have to buy a new gadget anyway. Definitely something to look into if I find myself in possession of an ipad or iphone at some point. Thanks for the suggestion!