Thursday, September 10, 2009

so stinkin busy

I have guilt issues if I don't blog often enough. I don't feel anything very interesting is going on right now though.

1) Scrimshaw is going very well. I need to duct tape myself to the chair tomorrow and work ALL DAY because I've been gone too much and have too many things coming up.

2) Can you believe that I made it all the way until today in my life without changing a baby's diaper? Boy am I glad I don't have to do that on a regular basis. I also got barfed on. But my niece is still the cutest baby on the entire planet.

3) I danced at the Farmer's Market in Lodi this evening. It was HOT, so hot. Good show though, and an enthusiastic crowd. I am taking some time off from dance classes for the next 6 weeks. I need a break, and I need more time for other things. Plus the hour round trip drive kinda gets to me, as do particular personality issues within the troupe. Oh, ha ha, funny story, I was all dressed and jingly in my coins and bells tonight when I went out to feed the horses. Gwen snorted and ran from me! Ha, what a dork. Shylah ran too, because Gwen did, and then got the "oh it's just you" expression and walked over. Gwen didn't appreciate the jingling.

4) Went shopping again, got another cute outfit. Oh yeah baby, I am good to go for all sorts of things now.

5) Soooo tired.

6) ZZZzzzzzzzzzz


dougzilla said...

Hmm - that leaves me as the only diaper-change-free member of the family. I will bravely carry that torch as long as I possibly can...

Jan Blawat said...

When there's a hot wire in the vicinity, horses are more cautious about anything strange.

Anonymous said...

Haha - changing a diaper isn't THAT bad, but now that I think about it - being the actual "mom" or "dad" creates some bias. As a parent, you adhere to a certain code of ethics and agree to do things you would have never done as a child-free person (which includes dealing with diapers and barf). Back in "the day" I had no problem handling a variety of childhood bodily functions and fluids, but now??? I probably wouldn't offer to do the diaper thing (haha).

Katherine Plumer said...

Dougiepoo- yes, you are the last of the species, hold out as long as you can!

Jan- I guess I just need to start riding with coins and bells on so they get used to it. ;-)