Monday, September 21, 2009

September 21 work in progress, etc.

I keep thinking these turkeys are taking about twice as long as they should, but then I realize that kinda makes sense, because if I'm working on two, then yes each one will take about twice as long individually. Me so smart. :-) I know someone is probably dying to point out that I've forgotten their beards, so let me just assure you I have not forgotten. I'll get there.

I finally ordered some new business cards. They won't have a chicken on them. Gasp! Yes, it seemed like time, besides I really wanted to emphasize the scrimshaw. So I'm trying out one of those online places where you upload your design and they mail the items. We shall see.

Conveniently I get to do a little comparison with another online printing place, because last month I won a drawing for 250 free custom printed postcards. I've been working on my design (to advertise scrim) but really would like to include one of these turkey grips if I can finish up by next Monday. Hmmm.... I'm really pushing to get these done but there are only so many dots a person can make in a day before it's bed time again.

I have applied again for the miniature show in Jackson Hole. They hardly take any new people each year, but it's worth a try. It may take a lifetime but I'm determined to be in that show (okay, and I really really really want to go back to Jackson Hole!). I'll know by March.

Reminder to me: print portfolio pics.

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