Wednesday, September 16, 2009

cover girl

I keep forgetting to mention that I am a cover girl. Yeah, seriously. Bet you never thought THAT would happen. Check this out:

Don't feel bad if you're not sure which one is me. I'll put on some bright pink arrows for your convenience (I'm sorta behind someone in one of the pics anyway):

Get those autographs while you can.... ;-)

How's my thumb? Eh, it's okay. If it was a horse I'd call it "serviceably sound." I'm just not sure it's ever going to be normal. No problem straightening it, but it still hurts to try to bend it all the way. My left hand spends hours and hours gripping whatever I'm scrimming, so it's getting lots of use. I never wear the splint anymore. It looks even wonkier than it used to. There has been a bump on the left side of the last joint since I was 11, but now it's much bigger. People actually notice it now. ("Oh wow, you have a bump on your thumb.") Maybe it's just that people are looking at my thumb more now that the entire world knows I stupidly mashed it with a hammer not too long ago. Oh well, makes me special I guess.

Despite getting lots done today I am not posting WIP pics because I have not inked most of what I was working on. So it won't look a whole lot different in a photograph anyway.


dougzilla said...

Ooh, I'm related to someone famous! :-)

I won't tell you about the picture I got into a magazine... (blushes...)

Katherine Plumer said...

Yeah, if it makes YOU blush it must be pretty bad!