Tuesday, September 15, 2009

stuff and things

Yesterday I babysat the cutest child in the universe (my niece). She was perfect, and so darned adorable I had to take about a billion pics. But I'll just show you one. We had to do the girly thing and smoosh our heads together for a photo. I don't usually have to flop out on the floor for that, but whatever it takes.

This morning was hay delivery day. :-)

On another note, there was an ad on my facebook page today for "elite mature singles" dating, that showed a, uh, distinguished older gentleman. Wait a minute here... Why did they decide that that's my demographic?? I don't think I fall into the "mature" category just yet. There's another one titled "get yourself a man!" or something like that. Makes me think of Jessica Rabbit.

Check out this egg I found in one of the coops today. Yes, it's really an egg! Sometimes the chicken oviduct does some pretty whacky things. That's the weirdest one I've seen.

I also found a tree frog in one of the chicken feeders. That seemed like a very dry and dusty place to be, so I dunked it in some water before I took this photo. Pardon the schmootz (schmutz?) on it's face...

Imagine this scene this evening. I'm sitting at the microscope dutifully working. Outside, a shriek.

Mom: "Katherine!!! Come look at this snake!"

Katherine runs outside, imagining a python or 6 foot rattler on the back porch.

Katherine, with delight: "Ooooh! A king snake!"

I don't see a lot of king snakes around. It was little, just over a foot long. I picked it up and had a good look. Aggressive little thing! I always wear gloves for that!


Anonymous said...

What a cute baby! Wow that baby can take great photos! I bet she loves you to pieces! Just wait until you can show her the chickens! I bet she hugs them all! What a cool snake! I have never seen a king snake. Maybe it was being aggressive because it didn't like your mom yelling at it so loudly. The pistol grips look awesome. Will they be in color? -BM

Jan Blawat said...

You (or the hen) win the prize for weirdest egg I've ever seen. Hope the snake stays around, goodbye mice, maybe even rats eventually. And I'm glad you've finally found a kid you like, have a great time with her, it will only get better!

Katherine Plumer said...

BM- hmm, I don't think I have any chickens that would appreciate being hugged. Or even caught! The grips will be in black and white.

Jan- yeah, that egg was bizarre! And I've seen some real doozies from these birds. I like finding snakes around, except I don't like them eating the frogs! I think it's great when a gopher snake decides to camp out in the coop. Mom won't collect eggs if that happens though. ;-)

Rose Re said...

Wow, was I surprised to see your weird egg. I just heard about another a week or so ago, check out this link http://www.joplinglobe.com/local/local_story_245232118.html (please excuse the annoying commercial) do you think something cosmic is going on???

Katherine Plumer said...

Wow, weird to see another one! I guess I should have kept mine.

Anonymous said...

You didn't keep the weird egg??!!!!! I had a little pile of "tiny ones" for months until I threw them out (I kept wanting to sow them to our poultry project kids).
Your neice is so adorable! I think she looks alot like her dad right now, but I can see L in there, too! hehe.
We found a huge Corn snake out in our garden area a few months ago....it had a neat pattern as well, alot like the pet snake Avery had (it was an Okatee (sp?) Corn snake - but it died). --CS