Wednesday, September 02, 2009

pics pics and more pics

I've taken a bunch of random pics here and there around the place, but I keep forgetting to actually post them. So I'll do that today.

If the person who won my chicken art 9 days ago fails to contact me in the next almost-24-hours I am going to pick a new winner. I think 10 days is sufficient for someone to check back in here. So, if you entered to win, DO check back after 10pm tomorrow, mkay?

Today I took a bunch of artwork to Franklin Ranch Pet Hospital, where it will be hanging for 3 months. I like that place, and the people are so nice. They remembered me from last time. :-)

I also washed chickens today, a whopping two of them. State Fair here I come! (Well, soon anyway).

Okay, pics in no order:

I framed "American Bison" and sent it off to a scrimshaw show in Rhode Island. Wish it luck!

The young chickens:

The cutest cat in the world:

When the sun's comin' up I got cakes on the griddle. Okay, so for me it's usually somewhat after sunrise and I only make them on special occasions:

The young chickens roosting up against the chicken wire at night:

Pretty Shylah (who not only loves tomatoes, but also bananas, with the peel on them!):

Prelude to wrestling:

The sunset tonight. Darn my hot wire thingies that go over the gates kinda impede the view:


Anonymous said...

You should not have said anything about the hotwire thingies. I would have thought them to be telephone poles off in the distance. -BM

Anonymous said...

Who won the wrestling match? My bet is on Homer, he's a tough guy. -BM

Katherine Plumer said...

It's usually a tie I think. Homer has bulk, Olin has agility.

Um, my word verification is "condm." I just giggled.