Tuesday, July 07, 2009

things that annoy me

Maybe they will annoy me less if I write them down.

When planning a party:
People who don't bother to RSVP. I assume these people aren't coming, but it would be nice to know. Like, even an email would be fine.
People who say they'll be there and then don't show up. Common courtesy I think would at least be a phone call afterwards saying "so sorry, we were deathly ill and couldn't make it." Or whatever the excuse of the day may be.
People who don't RSVP and then show up anyway, sending me scrambling to find more chairs.

Okay I kind of hate party planning, and twice in two weekends is threatening to make my brain explode.

Other things that annoy me:
People who write "U" and "R" instead of "you" and "are." And other things like that too. I'm down with the LOL and the BTW, but when someone writes and says "I want 2 get chickens from U, R U selling any" I don't want to reply, and dudes, you need to know that when you send me a note that says "How R U?" you lose major IQ points in my book and that's pretty much an instant dealbreaker. Call me picky, I just HATE THAT. Really, is it THAT DIFFICULT to write a few more letters and not look like a flaming idiot? And I only thought about being an English minor in college, thank goodness it didn't go any farther.


Heather Scott Partington said...

Rage on, friend. :)

I'd say I agree with you, but my phone shyness often means I'm one of the non-responders in party situations. I'm a self-loathing non-RSVPer though.

Katherine Plumer said...

LOL, thanks. But if you had an invitation with a self-addressed stamped envelope and you could just check the "not attending" box I'm sure you would. Because you're awesome like that. :-)

Unknown said...

I'm with you! Poor English (for the sake of being poor) and leetspeak are two of my biggest pet peeves. I even use correct English in text messages.

Anonymous said...

J&L to attend! / Jan Kingsbury from UCD Dir.of Develop??OK Can we fund raise for the depatment... fowlman auction??? will bring food??

Anonymous said...

ummmm....errr...I sent the card....um....good luck planning anyhow...I know that things will go well....I promise I can still make the calls! -BM