Sunday, July 05, 2009

weekend warrior

Wow, Sunday night already. I think I'll sleep well tonight. Saturday was busy with the usual 4th of July festivities. Food, friends, family, and a few fireworks. :-) It felt like kind of a whirlwind evening.

Today was the dance performance down at the Galt Festival. We had an hour long spot, but nobody danced that entire time (whew!). It was good, the weather was very nice although it was pretty windy which made for some veil challenges. I think it was a really good show though, I hope everyone who saw it enjoyed it. :-)

The group that performed tonight:

Me getting my veil all tangled up:


Jan Blawat said...

Those pants look like Friesian feet. Are they palazzo pants? I had a pair of those once and kept tripping on them and falling down. How DO you dance in those things?

Katherine Plumer said...

Yes, they are. It was so hard to find pair that would fit long-legged-me, I had to custom order them! These are actually a tad long, I should have folded the waistband over once. Anyway it's easier to dance in them than I thought it would be. I think I've only stepped on them once, and it wasn't a biggie, we take such small steps it's not like I'd be going far, and they're really stretchy. Mostly though they seem to magically stay out of the way. Our teacher wants them long enough to just touch the ground though, so the problem is they do get dirty.