Tuesday, July 14, 2009

awww, cute!

In a pleasant alternative to my usual daily routine, my friend Alora and I spent much of the afternoon visiting with my sis in law and niece (who we all know is the cutest baby on the planet). Seriously. As the adoring aunt, I am duty-bound to occasionally show you some pics. All together now, awwwww! :-)

I'm still allergic to kids, but this one's pretty cute:

Chloe and Alora seem to be plotting something:

Thanks Lindsey! :-)


Anonymous said...

She has beautiful big eyes. Are they blue? -BM

Katherine Plumer said...

So far, but that could change...?

Anonymous said...

She really IS adorable, and she looks like both of her parents (sometimes babies look like one or the other, and it changes as they get older).
WOW, you are an Aunt now! She is going to be the most spoiled niece in the world ;-)