Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I feel guilty if I don't write something at least every few days! I think this blogging thing is kind of an addiction. I often find myself thinking in terms of what is "bloggable" (stuff I do, pictures I should take, etc).

Anyway, I started work on the newest scrim project on Monday, which is two sets of Colt .45 pistol grips. They are another gift commission, so no work in progress pics, but you'll see them eventually (it might be quite some time, I'm not sure of the engraver's timeline on the metalwork).

I really am planning to make pendants for sale. I bought more mammoth ivory for that. Now if I just had a few clones to work on things too...

I had two weird dreams last night. In the first, I was in Oregon (I was there recently) visiting my brother J (who does not actually live in Oregon). He had found a turtle on the road, and brought it back to the house, and had some nifty guide to turtles book that identified it as a "green eared box turtle" or something like that (which probably is not a real name). It was small, maybe 8 inches diameter across the shell. Suddenly it became obvious that the shell was cracked down the middle, it must have been hit by a car (is this related to the hawk I saw the other day?). And suddenly the turtle was huge, like a sea turtle (maybe because I watched the ocean episode of Planet Earth on Sunday?) I was frantic, I had to fix the shell so it wouldn't die. In my dream, I'd heard somewhere that it could be epoxied back together (I have no idea if this is true, I've never tried to fix a broken turtle). So I got directions to the nearest hardware store ("past the fire station, on the left, before the road turns") and set off for epoxy and duct tape.

Huh??? I wonder what fixing broken turtles symbolizes. Actually, I really don't think there's any deep symbolism here, I think it's just all tied to recent events.

In the other dream, I was drawing (this is such a weird thing, I have these often where I'm drawing or working on scrim, and it's no different than doing the actual thing, except sometimes faster!). The subject was a chicken, but really kind of a fantasy bird, almost more dragon-like than chicken. Not any particular breed, but with very long feathers. OMG maybe it was some kind of feathered dragon!!!! I never did see the head!!! That would almost make sense, I do have someone inquiring about dragon scrimshaw... It was in a very specific pose, not something I've ever drawn before, and the color was VERY specific (not a "real" color). It was AWESOME. Maybe I need to do this?! It might almost work better as a painting though, hmmm. I have no idea what the purpose would be of this.


Jan Blawat said...

If the idea was still awesome after you woke up, that's pretty neat, you can create while you're asleep. I've had dreams in which I thought I'd come up with some fantastic idea and the next morning I'd recall it and think, "Good grief! That's stupid."

Katherine Plumer said...

Yeah, it still seems awesome now, I keep thinking about it! It's VERY rare that I dream I'm making art that I have not actually created (or at least rare that I remember it). It's not rare for me to dream about the actual piece I'm working on.