Monday, May 11, 2009

Scrimshaw grips for the Colt Collector's Association gun

These are grips for the 2009 Colt Collector's Association Annual Auction Gun. It's great to be done, and I can't wait to see photos of the entire gun. I have not seen it, though I know the Battleship North Carolina is engraved on it, and I'll bet there's a lot of gold! The theme this year was North Carolina. It was a huge honor to be asked to do this job by the engraver Mike Dubber. I'm told I'm probably the first scrimshander to work on one of these auction guns, and definitely the first woman to work on one of them. That's kind of a big deal. :-) The gun will be published on the cover of Rampant Colt magazine (published by the CCA) and will have photos and a bio inside the magazine. That comes out in September, I believe.

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