Wednesday, May 13, 2009

other things

The works in progress will return, do not fear. :-) However, at least one and possibly all of the upcoming projects are gifts and can't be shown in progress in case the recipient sees them. What will I talk about?! We'll see.

I've spent the last couple days catching up on all the non-art things that I've been neglecting. It's good. There is much to do. But I'm eager to get to work on the next project.

I finally got in touch with the folks from the Miniature art show up in Jackson Hole. I did not get in. And apparently my rejection notice really was lost in the mail, I should have gotten it months ago, along with the return of my application materials. That's a bummer, but not at all surprising. I'll keep trying, maybe by the time I'm old enough to retire I'll get in. ;-)

That's all folks. Blog posts might be a little sporadic for a while as I busy myself with other things and go off on an adventure soon!

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