Wednesday, May 27, 2009

pictures today

It was a crappy hot day, but a lovely evening, so I went out and took some photos.

I spent the morning weed-whacking (or "weed-eating" which I guess is the more trendy term) around the barn and chicken coops. To my chagrin, I had to get my Yard Goddess neighbor to start the stupid thing. I simply do not have the magic touch with machinery, and the first time that contraption is used each year it's impossible for me to start. Makes me want to throw it on the ground and stomp on it, but of course that would not help matters much. As a general rule I'm a pretty patient person, but being unable to start the weed-whacker totally gets to me. So do busted hoses, water pipes, waterer valves, or anything of that nature (so a double whammy would be hacking a hose to smithereens with the weed-whacker, thankfully I did not do that today but I've sure done it before!)

I drew three out of four preliminary sketches for the next Colts. I can't quite wrap my brain around the fourth image (and I also can't really talk about it, sorry) but hopefully I'll figure out something soon. The other three look good, to me anyway. Hopefully my client will agree.

And I cut and sanded down a rough ugly slab of ivory into a nice pendant shape. I still have to do all the polishing, that'll take a while. Not my favorite part of the process... :-/ Ah, nothing like the small of ivory dust (eww, it stinks).


Ye olde horse, Gwen. She's really looking old... and looks way different with her "feathers" shaved off!

Hmm, what's that behind the waterer float?

A tree frog!!! (Yes, I love amphibians).

Ye olde dog, Jessie, age 14.

These Bachelor Buttons are growing out of the compost box, and they are as tall as me. No joke.

What's that white stuff all over the ground? (side note, anyone want to buy that fixer-upper boat?)

Ugh, it's cottonwood seeds. They are everywhere, get into everything, make a huge mess, and induce some serious allergies. *achoo!*

I'm sllooowwwly going through my blog entries and trying to "tag" more things, as you might notice. It'll take a while. Partly it's so I can track some things, but also to make it easier to find certain subjects and follow certain threads.

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