Sunday, May 17, 2009

The CCA 2009 Auction Gun

I have a few pics to show you of the Colt Collector's Association 2009 Auction Gun (on which I scrimmed the ivory grips). I am hoping for pics that show the entire thing, and I know I'll be getting more eventually, but yeah right like I could wait!

[EDIT: The CCA asked me not to post photos of the completed gun until it's released for publication later this summer. I will re-post all the photos at that time. Sorry for the confusion.]

In other news I HATE HOT WEATHER. It was over 100 this weekend. There's just no need for that. Grumble.

I am rearranging the scrimshaw/engraving part of the studio again. I just have not been happy with the setup, and since at least for the next while I'm doing more scrim than metal engraving, I'm going to try working on the tabletop again instead of at the vise. This will change the whole placement of the scope and chair and actually allow me to sit more like a normal person. Less back pain = yay. And I bought a set of plastic storage drawers at Staples so I can get all my supplies in order. I have trouble maintaining tidiness, but for some reason sorting things into labeled plastic baggies and organizing into drawers brings great glee. Weird.

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