Tuesday, May 05, 2009

May 5 work in progress

I was missing my zebras, so I decided to get out of Cape Hatteras for the day and spend some time in the world of stripes. I've been pondering how on earth to do the background. It's complicated, very complicated in the photograph I'm working from. So step 1 is to simplify it somewhat.. I think the plan of attack is this:
1) solid dark stripes and ripples (done) (and by "dark" I mean this almost-black color, a mix of black, brown, and blue)
2) dark gradation areas
3) brown
4) blue

I'm pretty sure it's going to rock my socks. And yours.

I haven't been talking about anything else lately because there really isn't anything to talk about, this is all I'm doing. It's good though, I mean, I still don't like spending ALL day at the scope but it's starting to feel more routine. But I am definitely starting a drawing project when these things are done! I'm still not hatching chicks, haven't done anything exciting with the horses, no dance performances, no hot dates, no baking... Yup, I'm that boring.

More lighthouse time tomorrow.

When I finish these I will shoot some good photos in good light so you can really appreciate them! And they will also be professionally photographed for publicity.


Anonymous said...

That knife looks fantastic! -BM

Anonymous said...

Simply ,WOW!