Friday, May 08, 2009

the final stretch

Hey little microscope buddy, how's it goin'?

"Well, I'm tired. All we do is work work work."

I know, I'll give you some time off next week and work on other stuff okay?

Yeah, me too!

No, I haven't lost my marbles. ;-) Not all of them anyway. The CCA grips are done. The knife is getting there. You'll see them when they are finished. No more WIP pics of these two! I'll have pics by Monday.

I keep adding to my list of things I need to do:

1) not look through the microscope for at least a day or two ;-) (actually, more than that)
2) start preliminary drawings for next pistol grip projects (price quotes too!)
3) bake chocolate mint sandwich cookies (J, stop drooling)
4) sew something small and frilly (but not pink)
5) start a drawing project (details to be determined)
6) make strawberry jam!!!! (3 batches to make so far, still taking orders, let me know ASAP!)
7) price quotes for two, wait no three other things
8) tidy up the dang studio, geez girl!
9) ART SALE!!!!
10) painting for State Fair? (low priority, I already have other things to enter)
11) clean chicken coops
12) get incubators prepped and ready to turn on
13) take computer in to get fixed? NOT liking this noise. It had gotten better, now worse. :-(


Anonymous said...

oh man, it sure seems like you are losing it a little bit.

Katherine Plumer said...

Hey! You'd better be someone who knows me.... ;-)

qndrgnsdd said...

Try taking the case of the puter and vacuuming it out paying especial attention to the fans...then turn it back on...this is usually the noise problem...sometimes a wore is hitting the fan blade...try that befor you spen $$$ on it

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it is somebody you know. I forgot to put in my initials, sorry! -BM

Mario said...

Hello Katherine, thank you for that!
The smile won't leave my face - i tried it with my microscope - oh dear, "come on, do more work" was the answer...

Katherine Plumer said...

Gotta have a little fun sometimes. ;-)