Wednesday, May 06, 2009

don't forget the 50-50 show!

I hope y'all remember that the 20th Street Art Gallery's 50-50 show runs through the end of the month, so if you haven't had time to check it out you can still do that! I know they have re-hung the show and I believe there are now only 27 pieces per artist showing (instead of all 50). Or something like that. You can see all my work here! This page also has the hours and location information.

Chances are I will not make it to the May 9 reception, I don't think I'm going to have time.

Now, I've been debating whether I should try to paint you a rosy picture, but I'm going to give you the truth instead, it's a sob story (lest you think it's all sunshine and unicorns around here, some day I should tell you more sob stories, I have LOTS of them about bad clients and the book curse). Nothing of mine has sold there. Nothing. Zero, zilch, zip. That's painful, to put it mildly, and I don't mean to sound snobby but I'm genuinely shocked. Of 70 artists showing there, only 4 have sold nothing (as of last Wednesday anyway). I really thought my work would do well there, and no doubt the gallery did too or they wouldn't have accepted me, and I really REALLY hope things perk up by the end of May. So.. I dunno. [shrugs] I dunno. I have heard from a few people who are waiting to see which artwork comes back home and are hoping to buy it (cheaper) at that time. It will be slightly cheaper, but it's not going to be half price. And the sad part here is that if nothing sells and the gallery makes no money off of me, I'm pretty sure that will blow my chances of ever being able to show work there again. So, I hate to say this, this is really kind of embarrassing, but if you're holding out for a certain chicken painting, call the gallery and buy it, don't wait to buy directly from me. Please.

Okay, crawling back under my rock now.

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Anonymous said...

I am posting late to this blog entry, but I was sad to hear about the lack of sales. Don't feel bad (and I know it's gotta effect the pocketbook as well), but I am sure part of it is the state of our economic enviroment.....people are not spending money like they used to. --CS