Friday, May 15, 2009


It's going to be very hot this weekend. I'm going to complain. You are warned.

I shaved the "feathers" off my draft horse (well, half draft) Gwen. It's ultimately easier than trying to comb stickers out all the time, but she does look a little funny. Luckily Shylah doesn't need to be clipped.

I am working on a spring art sale (via the internet) like I did last summer. The website is entirely updated (I think) with price discounts, and I plan to post it all here too. Not everything is for sale, and there are no discounts on scrimshaw. I just want to move some of this stuff outta here!

And to sweeten the pot, there's this:

I really want some drawings on the list. There are quite a few scrimshaw projects on the waiting list now but I really need to break up the microscope-time with some drawing! Too hard to sit at a scope all day.

I totally want to bake. A lot. Like, I want to make every single recipe of cookies that's in the ginormous cookie cookbook I have. However it would be really bad for my butt to eat all those cookies. Sometimes I get into these extreme baking modes. OMG, and I'm sewing. Yup, it's a full blown Martha Stewart phase. It happens. I wonder if there's any way to do some very small-scale cookie sales (batch a week, anyone local willing to fork over a few bucks to cover ingredients?)

I need to remember to turn on the incubator tomorrow. Going to set eggs next weekend and I need the temperature in the room to warm up and stabilize so I can get the incubator temperature stable. Yeah, chicks in a month, woo hoo!

Since you asked, if you would like to eavesdrop and see why I'm feeling all rock-star-ish, take a peek at what I posted on the engraving and knife forums:


Anonymous said...

Wow!! I read the comments on all three forums (fora?) and even had to join the knife forum to get in the door. No wonder you're feeling high. I'll bet none of your hats even come close to fitting any more... Really incredible work, and recognized as such by lots of others...

Katherine Plumer said...

Thanks, anonymous. :-) Hmm, I'd forgotten Knife Network is members only. Oops. Yeah good thing I don't wear hats.... could be an issue with my riding helmet next week though, lol.