Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Shiloh portrait

There's a story here too of how this came to be that dates back about a year, but I think the back-story will just stay in the background. I never met Shiloh. He belonged to a dear friend. :-) A memorial portrait tends to have such a different feel to it versus drawing an animal that's still living, like my approach to it is completely different, more delicate I guess I would say. I really am kicking myself for not photographing it along the way, it was an awesome progression. It's always a huge and daunting challenge to try to "capture" any animal in a portrait, but one I've never met is much more difficult. There is a certain point during the drawing process where the piece seems to come to life. Usually it's the eyes. This one was the nose, at least that's where it started, then the eyes, and I sat back and thought "OMG I hope I captured the right dog!" Yeah, I REALLY should have photographed this in progress, sorry!

I totally love this piece! And it just brings me so much joy that the recipients do too. :-)

8x10 inch colored pencil and graphite
on warm white Stonehenge paper
© 2008


Emma said...

Gorgeous portrait!

Wendy said...

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