Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

I really am just shocked that tomorrow is 2009. Let's hope it's a good year, this one certainly left a lot of room for improvement.

I've spent the day doing housework, some baking, and a rather unfortunate trip to the mall to attempt to find a new scarf to replace the one I lost last month, and a few other items as long as I was there. That was unsuccessful, and let me just state for record that shopping for bras is even worse than shopping for shoes. There, I said it. Gah! I could totally go on a rant about that topic, geez!


Anyway. There are a lot of things I'm thinking about tonight, and a few things I really need to stop overthinking, but nothing I really want to get into here and now. I'll talk about stuff when the time is right. I know this probably sounds mopey and way too introspective. I suspect it is! This isn't how I'd thought I might be spending the evening, but c'est la vie. ;-)

I think I'll be in bed long before midnight! Party hard peeps, but stay off the road if you do.

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