Wednesday, December 17, 2008


April 28, 1996 - December 17, 2008

It's never easy, but anyone who's ever shared their life with an animal can tell you that when that time comes, you'll just know it. It was Nellie's time. Her health had declined rapidly in the last few weeks, and just within the last few days she lost her strength. She was such a sweet dog. A bonehead, for sure, and yes she often drove me up the wall. I always joked she didn't have a brain, just a head full of styrofoam packing peanuts, and when she would go nosing around some place, well, "she must be looking for her brain." If you ever wanted to feel completely adored, all you had to do was spend some time with Nellie, she loved to sit next to a person and put her head on their knee. Talk about unconditional love. :-)

Her last day was a good one, she mostly spent it flopped out in the sunshine on this chilly but bright day, grunting happily as she received belly rubs, and spoiled with her favorite foods (eggs and cheese!).

Rest in peace sweet Nellie. I'm sure those who went before her are there to welcome her home.


Emma said...

So sorry to hear about Nellie, the unconditional love of a dog is a very special thing to have in life, my condolences.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I count on Nellie being there when I come to visit! I am sorry to hear of your loss. She was such a sweetie. How is Jessie taking this? - BM

Anonymous said...

It is never easy losing a pet. Their time with us is far too short. I am so sorry to hear of Nellie's passing. She was a sweet dog. Jen C

Katherine Plumer said...

Thank you ladies, I appreciate your words. Jessie's doing well, she's pretty bouncy lately! Deaf as a door knob though. She does not seem to be missing or searching for Nellie.

Anonymous said...

Hi, sorry to hear of your loss. I am glad Jessie is ok!