Monday, December 22, 2008

catching up

I'm on break right now. Well, my hand is anyway. Mentally I'm still going a zillion miles an hour. I decided to try using the GraverMate on the scrim I'm doing. It's proving to be a HUGE time-saver but I have to hold it in a way that it's not meant to be held in order to keep it vertical, so it's wearing my hand out. Then again, doing that many solid black areas "by hand" (one dot at a time) would hurt even more. It's all good. It has to be done and framed by tomorrow night. Hoo boy!

This is probably the closest to Christmas I've ever been scrambling to finish things. Plus I have other things I need to work on around here. And spending 3.5 hours per day barn sitting is challenging.

I did take some time off on Saturday. BV and I went to see "A Winter Night's Yodel" up in Sutter Creek. This was a performance of bluegrass and old cowboy music (Faux Renwah, Sourdough Slim, Robert Armstrong). I had a GREAT time and really enjoyed it. I think this is the fourth one I've been to, except it used to be different, and I hadn't gone for maybe two years. As fun as it was, having seen it with the duo Doo Doo Wah in the past, I sure missed them. Oh what I would give to hear "Don't Pet The Dog" again! There was a guy playing a saw with a bow (like, a fiddle bow). That blew my mind, it was pretty amazing. Those people are so talented (says the girl with zero musical talent, a side note here, we are learning the zils in dance class and OMG my hands march to their own beat, it's pretty ridiculous). Anyway. Another lovely evening. ;-)

It's been raining, everything is muddy and gross. The horses are eating the fence in the corral because they are bored. They are bored because they are shut out of the pastures so that the grass gets a chance to actually grow this year.

Okay, I'd better get back to it. Oh crap, I have to drive out to Sloughhouse in a half an hour. Gah!

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