Wednesday, August 15, 2007

August 15 work in progress (nude)

I heard from a few people, and strangely all of them said the chicken ought to be blue. Hmm, that's quite interesting! But my non-chicken friends said she needs yellow-orange legs. I gotta say, it's really hard being a chicken snob, because of course in the Standard, an Old English would never have yellow legs. So I can't make her "standard blue." Besides I've already drawn a lot of blue chickens. But I could just make up some wacky blue color, or make her blue like a jay. So, blue is good, now to figure out what sort of blue and what pattern. :-) Can you hear the wheels turning? Creak creak creak...

I spent another couple hours hunched over the microscope today. I am definitely learning what features I would like to have in my own scope some day. Longer focal length so I can sit straighter and have more working room under the lens (I keep burning my hand on the light!). And being able to work in air conditioning will be nice. It's usually pretty cool in there but today it was hot.

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Anonymous said...

How about a North American Bluebird? You can incorporate blue with a bit of rust and white. The legs will still be dark. Just a suggestion.