Tuesday, August 28, 2007

August 28 work in progress

Oops, almost forgot to post these.


title: ?? (help!)
size: 8.5x9 inches
media: colored pencil, graphite, ink, on tan Stonehenge paper
price: $475, not incl tax, frame, shipping

did the blue part today. The drying time makes me impatient, I may switch over to water-miscible oil paints instead to try to shorten that. Otherwise people will have to wait ages for me to do this stuff just because the paint is slow to dry! Again, this one might not work. We'll see.

Dang I'm exhausted.


Anonymous said...

Title....."Look both ways before Crossing....wouldn't want to Jay-Walk".....
Yes , I know its corny, and too long....but I teach Physics/Chemistry all day long so what can you expect?
Those blues are pretty snappy!

Anonymous said...

How about Blue-Belle, maybe a bit corny though! She looks fabulous, it's a shame real chickens don't have those colours, they're fab!