Saturday, August 11, 2007

peachy keen

There isn't a lot of excitement to report, which is why I haven't been reporting it.

I've been up to my ears in peaches (they are huge! 1/2 pound each and OMG so good!). Pureed peaches, dried peaches, canned peaches. It's just been peachy. Here's what I did today, this'll be great in mid winter!

Shylah is doing wonderfully well on trail rides at JJ's. Other than the first time I've just been riding alone. She's had some of those "stupid moments" but overall great, and is pretty consistently jumping a small irrigation ditch that crosses a road (well, as long as she's headed "home"!) I'll see about getting her back home in another week, and then a week after that she'll be off for adventures with JC in the land of bears and boulders. I WILL miss her, not seeing her for a month, but September is so crazy for me anyway it's really just as well.

I am about half done with a practice piece for an entirely new art venture (this thing I keep dropping hints about). I already love it but can see that it is something I don't want to do for more than maybe two hours a day (will explain all this later!) ;-) I've made some mistakes on the practice piece, so it's a good thing nobody is paying me yet. I have also learned a LOT. Pics and explanations in a few days, assuming I don't screw it up between now and then.

I am taking 50+ birds to auction tomorrow. YAY!!!! There is a new auction just a few miles away. Double yay! That'll beat the heck out of driving to Roseville.


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