Friday, August 24, 2007

August 24 work in progress

I am going to post this WIP with a warning... "it might not work." I am not following instructions here... It's sort of like how I tend not to follow recipes, which sometimes turns out really good, and sometimes turns out as something that the chickens get to eat. Normally these are supposed to be done from dark to light but I REALLY want to try going light to dark, so I am... knowing it might fail. But hey, it's a practice piece, nothing lost! Today's hours were spent on the border (I like this better than the deep cut line border around the woman) and a few blips of white area (which really don't show up in the scan, other than the lion's chin). Yes, this is the lion again. I have to wait a couple days in between each color, to let it dry so I can try varnishing it to keep the colors from mixing. Highly experimental! :-)

But on a related note, I am taking commissions for b/w scrimshaw (or any single color image). I do not have the tools to slab ivory or do extensive polishing, but I can purchase ivory blanks for jewelry, buckles, etc. Contact me for details, and I'll be putting info on the main site soon.

Tail not done, whole thing not done...getting there:

$475 pre-sale (if bought before I finish it, may go up, may not)
does not include tax, shipping, or frame
custom framing available

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Anonymous said...

WOW! I never realized that the rachis on the tail feathers of a Jay were so dark. How many times did I pick up those feathers as a kid, admire them, and then poof...right out of my I went. I wonder what photos you are working off of to get such detail. Hmmm...I went camping this weekend up in Tahoe and saw plenty of Stellar's Jays...with the stripes on the tail. A series of Jay chickens: Stellar, Scrub, Blue, Pinyon, Gray, and might use up all those under-utilized blue pencils!