Tuesday, August 21, 2007

August 21 work in progress

Scrim time got cut a bit short today because the electricity went out... makes it hard to see what I'm doing when the room goes pitch black! By the time it came back on it was time to head back home anyway.

If you wonder about the penny, it's just a handy way to show scale, and sort of a traditional way to photograph things like engravings. Well this isn't photographed, it's scanned, but you get the idea. :-)


Anonymous said...

I really like the blues that are coming out in the Fantasy Fowl Scrub Jay. How cool would it be to do the Birds on a Wire series by Wendy Wegman in chickens (on a fence!). Now that would be A LOT of work! May be I can commission that some day! The jay hen looks great!

Anonymous said...

Sorry got the name wrong. It's Chorus line by Wengy Wegner.

Anonymous said...

Imagine a Malachite Kingfisher as a polish, or a Painted Bunting as a modern game, or a Goulian Finch as...well...anything! How about a white-faced black spanish as a Temminck's Tragopan. Wow the combinations are endless! I wonder what could be done with the colors of a golden or lady amherst pheasant. Talk about detail!