Thursday, August 02, 2007

August 2 work in progress

Getting there... Once the rest of that blank spot is done I will still need to adjust it a bit.. some of the mid range grays need to be darker, it's just often hard to see that until the whole thing is done! I'm glad I'm doing this piece, not just because it's a portrait of Jessie and something I've been wanting to do, but I'd been wondering if I was overcharging for graphite. OMG, NO. It really is only slightly less time consuming than colored pencil! So it's good to know I'm right on track, I hadn't done any graphite work for a couple of years. I still love it! And this paper, wow, scrumptious! I wish you could see how lush this is. When I do the final scan I'll do some detail shots.

I finally bought the new Harry Potter book yesterday. I know what I'm doing this weekend!!! :-)

I rode Shylah at JJ's this evening. W rode Blue Top and J's friend NY rode Dusty. All were well behaved, but poor short Shylah just can't keep up with those Tennessee Walker boys and their huge strides. She was hustling but lagged way behind. Her two biggest spooky moments (which were incredibly small) were when Blue Top stepped on a crunchy bunch of leaves, and when Dusty spooked at a barrel, and Shylah spooked at Dusty spooking! Silly horses. I am still trying to figure out when to ride this weekend, and how often. I do love evenings, but morning means there's no time at which I have to be back! Guess it may depend if anyone goes with me.

Saturday evening is the high school reunion, which will not be graced with my presence. I'd thought about attending a bbq instead but the one person I know well is involved in running it, sooo.... hmm, go riding or have a quiet evening to myself. :-) Then again I'm still debating going to the bbq anyway, durn, I feel a bit pathetic not doing anything (it's like missing prom!) Hmmmm (anyone want to go to a bbq Sat eve?).

I've been working on some other art stuff too but I can't post all of what I do. Graphic design thing (will post), practice thing for upcoming "new venture" (stay tuned), and a large-ish dog painting commission that is a gift therefore can't be shown here til potentially after Christmas (yeeps!)