Thursday, September 28, 2006

daily dose of cuteness

(this one below is a view from the top)

Who can resist the cuteness of an upside-down sleeping cat? :-)

I've been really busy..not much to write about lately. I still haven't unpacked completely from the art show. Looks like I'll be hanging a bunch of work at an office in downtown Sacramento starting on Sunday (through the end of December). More info on that later... Since the walls here are covered with my own work they are going to be pretty barren for a while. That's okay. Maybe I'll sell something!

The Lemon Blue Old English are totally done now, I scanned them today. Next up are *more* Silkies. Yeesh. Then two more pairs of Old English, and as far as I know that's it. Wow. How weird that will be. I'm off schedule but still within the timeframe as long as I don't stray much farther off. I am really busting my butt to get this stuff done by the mid November deadline.

I'm feeling quite guilty about not getting in any horse work these days, I NEED to do that. Not just that I feel obligated to work on Dusty's training, but I ought to be out riding Shylah every day, and I just can't fit it in right now. Aaaaack. This the crazy of time of year, crazier this year. I haven't talked about the Europe trip, but it's coming up...soon... I probably won't say too much until I'm back with a million photographs. And then the poultry shows start, and then Indiana, and then the holidays, it's all a whirlwind! :-)


Dan said...

Europe? then indiana?

Katherine Plumer said...

And Paso Robles in the middle, talk about cultural variation, I'm sure! ;-)

jan said...

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