Saturday, September 02, 2006

All's Fair

Well, I have had enough of State Fair for the year. I spent most of the last two days there, though I didn't really spend much time at the poultry show area other than today during judging. It's pretty different than a "real" show, it's full of the general public and severely lacking in exhibitors. But for some odd reason I really enjoy the fair. It's a fascinating place to people-watch.

I didn't count how many birds were there. I know about 80 were entered and not all showed up, so maybe 60? That's a VERY small show. I didn't win. I got Reserve Champion Bantam with "Luna" (Black Rosecomb hen). Best Bantam was a nice Black Silkie, and in fact it also won Best in Show. Reserve of Show was a White Runner Duck.

Not much exciting to report. No pictures from the fair. :-( I haven't touched the drawings since Thursday, I'll delve back into those tomorrow. I also plan to start working Dusty tomorrow morning. They are all getting along, though Gwen still runs him off when he gets too cozy.

I'm taking about a gazillion birds to auction tomorrow morning. I don't even know how many, guess I'll find out tomorrow! That'll be nice to get rid of them. I REALLY need to get the cockerels into the conditioning coops. As it stands now I can probably count on one hand the number of show-quality males I'm going to end up with (simply because of condition). Things got out of hand this year.


Anonymous said...

Hey Katherine, Dan and I were at the fair yesterday and we saw your birds. Very nice. We didn't see you though. -KM

Katherine Plumer said...

Hey, thanks K! Nope, I can only stand so many days of fairness, and wasn't there yesterday... My chickens had to deal with it on their own. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Katherine,
I didn't get to our state fair this year, but a friend told me the poultry was sparse. Said we had a better turn out at the county level. So sad!! Did you get my email about Kevin's County fair?
Love your pictures, praying for a quick return on your camera!
Rose Re, Oregon

Katherine Plumer said...

Yes! I'm still playing catch-up on emails (the few that are getting through lately!) Sorry, will reply soon! :-)

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