Friday, September 08, 2006

Disjointed thoughts and ramblings

I've been meaning to post something for the last couple days but then the next thing I know it's like midnight every day and I'm still staring at Silkies, so I haven't quite gotten around to it. I had it all figured out earlier what I was going to say (while I was stuck in traffic for an hour and a half..gotta love Sunrise Blvd eh? Yeesh.) But I guess it all blew out the window, so now I have to start from scratch.

I put "The Sound of the Feed Scoop" onto the Cafepress store now. Sorry, I'd upload an image or something but I'm not home and don't have access to it. So all you Feed Scoop fans...go wild! ;-)

I'm really start to plan out everything for Draft Horse Classic. I went through the Cafepress store and picked out some items, but before I knew it my shopping cart was up to several hundred dollars, so after picking my chin up off the floor I opted not to complete the purchase. Shoot. I'd like to have some shirts and stuff for sale there, but even though I can buy "at cost" it's NOT like wholesale, and it would cost an arm and a leg to get much inventory, and then of course if it didn't sell I'd be stuck with trying to find a place to store it! Hmm. I guess maybe I need to just really narrow it down and get a few things. Maybe just the draft horse image? Then again it's the chicken stuff that always sells best for me. Darn, wish I knew what to get and how many! I wish there was a way to have it all set up right there to order (hmm, wonder if that building is a wireless hot spot, then again I don't have a laptop anyway, moot point). Plus people want instant gratification, I think I'd do better having things there and ready to go. I just hate the up-front spending! Still gotta get envelopes, the cards haven't arrived yet, gotta pack and label, etc.

Oh, I still don't have my camera yet. I'm getting ancy!!

I was thinking more about future art projects, non-commissions. There is so much I want to do. I have this whole series of chicken stuff in mind (really you'd think I'd want to do anything but chickens). There is also a life-size head portrait of a Percheron horse I want to draw. I photographed him several years ago. He had been abused. His expression pulls the heart strings.

I took another memorable photo at Horse Expo last year during the Andalusian show. It's overexposed and out of focus, but the effect is gorgeous, it has this marvelous blurred motion look. I can't do that with colored pencil, my CP work is pretty tight, to say the least. It's not something I'm compelled to paint. My paintings are cartoony. But as I was sitting there the other day absent-mindedly starting at my art cabinet, at the brand new unopened TWO boxes of soft pastels that I've had since high school... ding! Yeah! I wanna make a giant pastel drawing! How cool would that be. Never worked in pastel before...

And I still have some enormous paintings in mind. One, a chicken of some sort, I want to make for the living room, which is drab and needs color. And if it happened to sell instead I'd be fine with that. ;-) But there are two more... can't elaborate, with the holidays coming up, not knowing who all reads this thing... but I'm thinking two 30x40" paintings.. Hmm!

This is going to be the busiest next couple of months I've probably ever had. Well, a different sort of busy than I was in school, with the endless academia and studying. Lots of travel this year.

Things are going pretty well with the horse adventures. The first time I tied Dusty to the fence he climbed it. He didn't climb OVER it but he walked his front feet up to the second-to-top rail of a 5 foot fence and stood there with his nose between his hooves looking extremely awkward. I of course about had a heart attack thinking he would stick his legs through and snap them off, but he managed to get himself out of that predicament without more than a scrape on his hoof. Geez. He's improved greatly since then, and will actually stand quietly. Yay! His "whoa" needs a lot of work, he likes to go go go go on the lunge line. Whereas my horses, you tell them whoa and it's like "oh thank goodness, finally, I worked SO hard trotting that ONE circle!" The girls are a bit lazy... Anyway, Dusty's doing well, and they are all getting along much better, except at feeding time.

Not much else exciting. I thought I finished the Blue Silkies Thursday night but I've run into some controversy.. thought I fixed a problem, might have to fix it again. Ugh. Do I know yet for sure how many I have left? Why no, I don't... (rolls eyes). So, I'm a couple days off schedule now. Not the end of the world, I just need to rearrange things a bit, it'll work out.

That's about it. I can't spell check on this computer, it doesn't like me and it'll eat the whole posting if I try it (learned that one first hand!)

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