Thursday, September 28, 2006

Award Donation

Quite some time ago I'd agreed to donate a framed BBRed Rosecomb print to the Rosecomb Bantam Federation to use as an award at their national meet (the BIG Indiana Show in November). But the more I got to thinking about that the more I didn't like it, because I wanted to put in something more special. So... here ya go, an original! I'll need to frame it, but there's plenty of time.

colored pencil, graphite, ink (pen and inkjet printer)
tan stonehenge paper
whole thing is 4.5 x 6.5 inches


Anonymous said...

that's absolutely beautiful, katherine!! the ear lobe looks real....whoever wins that will be a lucky person indeed!

Katherine Plumer said...

Thanks! Do you ever draw/paint something and then think "gee, I kinda don't want to get rid of that one!" Well... that's the problem when I make a Rosecomb. ;-) Ah well, I can always put it on cards, or draw another.