Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Chicken Post

I warned you this would happen when I got my camera back! These are in no particular order, I don't have time to be that creative.

I finally got all the cockerels moved into the conditioning coop. There are, let's see, 7 Blacks, 1 Brassy Back, 3 Blue Brassy Backs, and 8 BBReds. NOT all of these will end up being as good as I want them to be! In fact, at this point I'm not that thrilled with any of them. These are the two oldest BBReds... they're not bad:

A BBRed pullet:

This is one of the Brassy Back "sports" out of the purebred Blacks. He's too dark to be shown as a Brassy, but I'll probably use him or the other male (not pictured) for breeding Brassies, I'll see which one ends up being better quality:

A future champion? Hard to tell at this age!

They spend a lot of time grooming themselves:

Blue Brassy Backs:

A breeding stock Brown Red pullet:

Hello chicken!

Closeup of one of the Blue Silver Duckwing pullets:

The 50% Rosecomb/50% Dominique F2 pullet. Too dark right now but she may end up decent... too early to know. I have my doubts about her though:

One of the 75% Rosecomb cuckoo pullets:

This might be the same one pictured above, I'm not sure (flash made her color look too light):

This was the most well marked of the "too dark" Cuckoo males. And then he sprouted a whole bunch of red feathers. Off to auction!:

Twinkie, the Silver Duckwing Old English.

Twinkie's son, who I thought was a Silver Duckwing but now I wonder is he a Golden Duckwing??? (if so, how on earth did that happen):

Eddie (10.5 years old), king of his domain.

The best of the "too light" Cuckoo cockerels, unfortunately this guy has a lot of solid black feathers. I'll hang onto him. He's fairly small and typey, which I like:

And suddenly there was a chicken on my knee!:

Probably my best colored Cuckoo male... something wrong with his comb, ha ha! He's a 50% Dominique F2... single combed. Should I use him for breeding??


Ken said...

You have a picture of a Silver
Duckwing Old English and a BB Red Rosecomb. That's exactly how that happens.LOL Classic GDW breeding. Ended up hatching 5 chicksfrom the eggs you sent. 2 cockerels and 3 pullets, all Rosecomb. Oh well.

Katherine said...

Oh, ha ha, no... they just live together. The BBRed guy is totally separate! I bred the Silver Duckwing to Black RC hens and got that Duckwing cockerel (2 of them actually, sold the other guy, horrible comb), and the Blue Silver pullets, and a Birchen pullet, and a sorta Brassy Back pullet... and a pair of Blacks.

Anonymous said...

Katherine, thank God you got your camera back. We have missed your pictures and we didn't even realize how much.
Kevin and Rose