Friday, June 02, 2006

Interesting Things

Keywords from the month of May:

video of chicken wrangling (I haven't seen it, sounds cool)
silver phoenix horse (Interesting combination, "silver phoenix" is a chicken!)
how long does chicken stay preserved in the fridge (Depends how often you feed it. Oh, just kidding...)
how to make a chicken wire purse (Aren't you afraid your lipstick will fall out?)
wire fetish purse (What?!)
females call me (Um, congratulations?)
olin yeow (Ha ha, what? Olin is my cat, but sometimes he says that when the other cat plays too rough!)
homeade chicken coupe (I recommend Spelling 101, yowza)
what are white ducks called ("Fred") ;-)

It is tree frog season for sure, I've been finding them in the house. I just caught one crawling up the living room wall (Olin thought this was quite fascinating) and last week I found one hopping down the hallway while I was brushing my teeth.


Anonymous said...

god these are always sooo hilarious!

Anonymous said...

LOL...your commentaries after each "search phrase" were just as funny...haha.