Monday, June 26, 2006

Arrrg! @#$%^*&!!!!

That did not as planned. I won't be able to tell you the outcome of the assembly bill hearing (I don't even know if they decide that today) because I didn't go. I would have. I tried. I got there but not on time. I left with plenty of time to spare but there was a huge traffic accident and 99 and 50 were both backed up (stopped) for several miles, so by the time I finally got downtown, it was too late. I should have left a lot earlier, but I certainly wasn't anticipating anything like that.

So I am sorry, I feel really bad about this and I feel like I let people down. If anyone was able to attend please let me know what happened! :-(

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Anonymous said...

I forwarded your blog message on to several 4h people and one responded, telling me they were going to be in the Assembly this am as part of Cal Focus and as a group of 100 strong, would make quite a statement.