Monday, June 12, 2006

Busy weekend

It was another one of those insane weekends, I don't even think I've recovered from Horse Expo yet... We hosted a poultry show planning meeting here Sunday morning, so I spent much of Saturday cleaning and getting ready for that, and then was at a graduation party til late (it's mildly disturbing that people I "will always think of as a little kid" are now graduating from college...)

The meeting on Sunday was good. They really are a lot of work to prepare for (the officers and members are very keen on having meetings almost every meeting now except the Christmas one!) but it is nice to see people, especially this time of year when there aren't any shows. It's almost time to start thinking about the fall shows, have to be careful not to crowd the young birds. I may try to go to auction soon. The oldest youngsters are still small but I need the extra space and I think I could find a lot to get rid of!

Shylah is doing GREAT with her training, she's just an awesome horse. I saddled her up today and worked on stepping up in the stirrup (as in, step up and stand in the stirrup but don't swing over and sit down). It's SO tempting to just swing over and ride but I should be proper and actually wear a helmet and enlist some help when I do that... She was great though, took a couple steps the first time but then just stood very quietly. I really need to get some photos of some of this stuff! Hard to do when I'm the one on the end of the lead rope! (JJ want to take pics some time?) Riding-training should progress more rapidly now that I will have an extra set of hands around, since E.H. is out of school now and willing to lend a hand. I will probably have her be the first real rider. I may sit up there a time or two beforehand but since I've been the one doing the groundwork I think I ought to stay on the ground while Shylah makes the first transitions from on-the-ground-training to in-the-saddle-training. It is ridiculously easy to get up in the saddle, she's so darn short it's no effort at all, almost seems like cheating!

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